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Things only a Haryaanvi can relate to

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Are you a Haryaanvi? Or do you have a Haryaanvi friend in your circle? If yes, then here are the things you can relate to very easily:
1.    Haryaanvis have a rough and tough outlook no matter how soft they are at heart. They don’t believe in showing their weak emotional side in public. OMGKAV2003-12.    Haryaanvis are in love with ghevar, kachori, samosa and all those eatables which are filled with a lot of ghee. They are fond of eating.New Delhi::: 16 april 2011 Seller in the old delhi city, where the market is known for its food and market. The streets are know by the products or good they sell in those streets. its a very old custom in the old city of delhi. Photos: Zabeeh Afaque Location: Chandni Chowk, Delhi 6 check out the original published copy :    No matter how hard a Haryaanvi tries, he is never able to speak in soft tone with others. OMGKAV2003-34.    Strangers call Haryaanvis rude. They don’t understand that it is their language, and not their rudeness.OMGKAV2003-45.    They are always ready to take stand. They never take a step back when it comes to helping a friend.OMGKAV2003-56.    You can’t win in an argument with a Haryaanvi. They will by hook or crook make you give up in front of them.OMGKAV2003-67.    For Haryaanvis, everyone is ‘tau’ or ‘chora’. OMGKAV2003-78.    They don’t believe in getting much education as they have huge land properties. OMGKAV2003-89.    Most people fail to know the true self of a Haryaanvi as they are too busy in judging them on the basis of how they talk.      OMGKAV2003-9

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