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Top 7 Philanthropists across the world

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Many people love to serve the humanity by helping the needy ones in whatever way they can. Here are some of world’s biggest givers as per Forbes:
1.    Bill Gates, U.S. – He has given out $28 billion so far in donations over his lifetime. His net worth is $66 billion.OMGKAV2001-12.    Warren Buffett, U.S. – He is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. The net worth of this man is $46 billion and out of this he has given $17.25 billion in donation to serve the humanity.OMGKAV2001-23.    George Soros, U.S. – With net worth of $19 billion, this man has given a donation of $8.5 billion in his lifetime. OMGKAV2001-34.    Gordon Moore, U.S. – This American businessman has net worth of $4.8billion and has done a donation of 5 billion in his life.OMGKAV2001-45.    Carlos Slim Helu, Mexico – This Mexican business magnate and investor has a net worth of $69 billion and he has done a donation of $4billion in his lifetime.OMGKAV2001-56.    Eli Broad, U.S. – This American entrepreneur has a net worth of $6.3billion this man has given a donation of $3.5 billion in life.OMGKAV2001-67.    George Kaiser, U.S. – He is the chairman of BOK Financial Corporation in Tulsa, Oklahoma. With net worth of $10billion, this American businessman has donated $3.3billion in his life.      OMGKAV2001-7

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