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Ways to spend more quality time with your partner

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Who doesn’t want to spend quality time with his partner? I am sure everybody does. But, in today’s fast paced life it has become very difficult to get to spend some good time. Well, don’t worry here are some ways to spend quality time with your partner:
1.    Once in a while, plan a good candlelight dinner. No matter at home or in a restaurant, it is a good way to spend some alone, quality time. Order or prepare your spouse’s favorite dishes and celebrate love.OMGKAV2405-12.    A movie night is an awesome way to spend some quality time with the love of your life. Get some popcorns sit on your spouse’s side, switch off the light and watch your favorite movie.ADWDGT3.    Everybody is a child at heart not matter how old he is. So, be kiddo again and have a pillow fight with your partner. Trust me it is amazing.OMGKAV2405-34.    Once you become parents, the chances of getting some alone time become very difficult. The whole day you get indulged in your little one’s related stuff. So, for a day drop you kids to their grandparents place and go out on a romantic date. OMGKAV2405-45.    Give your partner a bath and pamper him. Bathing together is an intimate way to get closer. Create a romantic aura in your bathroom and enjoy some private time. Affectionate couple in shower --- Image by © Felix Wirth/Corbis6.    Chores get boring at times but when done together with your partner, even the most boring thing can turn into an exciting task. In this way you will be able to do your chores and spend some good time with your partner.


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