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10 Attributes Which Show That You Are A Crazy Cricket Fan

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Cricket is the second most famous sport in the world and in country like India, cricket is considered as religion. It is impossible to say who the biggest cricket fan in India is. Here are some signs which prove that you are in love with the game.

1. When there is a match where your country’s team is going to play, you support your team by painting tri-color on your face.OMGVIS0147-1
2. You can even watch highlights of a test match.OMGVIS0147-2
3. When there is a match in a stadium near your city, you are the first one to book your tickets.

4. When you are inside a stadium, you can be seen wearing Indian cricket team’s T-shirt and holding a poster to motivate your nation’s team. OMGVIS0147-4
5. Your role model isn’t an actor, politician or scientist, but a cricketer.OMGVIS0147-5
6. You try to copy your favorite cricketer and your ultimate aim is to meet that cricketer at least once in your life.OMGVIS0147-11
7. Your mood depends on the result of a match. You love to celebrate the victory of your team.
India Cricket WCup India Sri Lanka
8. You are a cricket expert. While watching a match on TV, you know what will be the next move of the captain.Nagpur:: cricket fans watch the live broadcast of the Cricket World Cup match between India  and Pakistan  on a viewing TV screen in Zendra Square,at  Nagpur on February 15, 2015. India and Pakistan clash at the Adelaide Oval February 15 in a World Cup block buster being followed by an estimated global audience of 1.5 billion people as the Cricket World Cup gets underway in Australia. Pic by: Aniruddhasingh Dinore (MT-BCCL PIC NAGPUR)
9. You can do commentary better than commentators on television.OMGVIS0147-8
10. Stranger becomes your friend when the person is also a cricket lover. You can talk about cricket for hours without a pause.OMGVIS0147-10



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