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10 Intriguing YouTube facts you may not know

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YouTube is a worldwide famous entertainment website wherein you can watch your favorite videos. This is an amazing platform on which you an upload your talent and soon the world will know you. There are many people who have turned from normal people to celebrities through this site. Here are some fascinating YouTube facts you may not know:
1.    YouTube was found in 2005 by three former PayPal employees- Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawad Karim.OMGKAV2009-12.    Did you know that Google owns YouTube? Well, Google bought YouTube in November 2006 for $1.65 billion.OMGKAV2009-23.    Twitter is the best fan of YouTube.OMGKAV2009-34.    On an average, over 400 tweets per minute contain a YouTube link in it.OMGKAV2009-4
5.    It is the third most powerful website in the world following Google and Facebook.OMGKAV2009-56.    This is outstanding that YouTube had 3 million visitors only one month after its creation. OMGKAV2009-67.    Did you know that YouTube broadcasts around 1/3 of the U.S.’s multimedia entertainment?OMGKAV2009-78.    There are many countries which have blocked YouTube at some time. These are Afghanistan, China, Brazil, Bangladesh, Syria, Pakistan, Turkey and Tajikistan. OMGKAV2009-89.    This amazing website has over 2 billion views per day.OMGKAV2009-910.    YouTube got full HD feature in November 2009.           OMGKAV2009-10

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