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5 Education myths busted

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There are a lot of myths people have across the world. We often follow what others say without even using our own minds and often come to the realization of reality too late. We are here to bust some of education myths:
1.    A lot of parents think that the teachers give homework to their kids to run away from responsibility, which is not true. As per a study, homework boosts achievement, as they get to revise what they were taught in the class and clear their doubts.OMGKAV2006-12.    Many parents are in a habit of putting the blame on the teacher when their kid scores less marks in the exams. They just say teachers don’t teach properly, which is a myth. They must understand that teachers can only teach and it a lot depends on the kid whether or not to learn something or pay attention. OMGKAV2006-23.    Many people think that the schools that demand more fees are better schools. This is not true when it comes to education. You must understand that they charge high due to other facilities and education is the same everywhere.OMGKAV2006-34.    Many schools, teachers and people think that size of class doesn’t matter, which is not true. It matters a lot. Just give it a thought that how a single teacher can teach 100 students at the same time? Even if he/she is able to teach them, then too they can’t pay attention to each student.OMGKAV2006-45.    Many people discourage their children from taking part in the curricular activities just because they think that their grades would suffer. This is not true. Parents must understand that participation in everything is important for the overall development of a kid.       OMGKAV2006-5

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