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7 Annoying things people do at Gym

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Some fitness freaks love to spend hours in gym, while there are some people who become center of attraction at a gym due to their weird activities. Anyone who went to gym might have seen these people. Here are some the strange things such people do when they at gym.

1. There are a number of treadmills at your gym, but some people will choose the machine next to you. Their ultimate motive is to show you how passionate they are about their exercise.OMGVIS0145-1
2. Some people have annoying habit of leaving their sweat on a machine even when they have towels. They don’t care if another person is going to use the machine after them.OMGVIS0145-2
3. Technology freaks are everywhere. They use their phones when they are using a machine. They are so obsessed with their gadgets that they could not figure out other individuals are waiting for their turn.
4. Some individuals decide to sleep on the exercise machine. After completing their sets, they forget to get off the machine and decide to stay there.OMGVIS0145-4
5. There are some fitness freaks in every gym who love to pick heavy weights. They annoy people around them by yelling loud and weird sounds. OMGVIS0145-5
6. For some people, weights are too heavy to put them back on their previous position. They use dumbbells, and then forget to put them back.OMGVIS0145-6
7. There are some song lovers in every gym. They enjoy music more than the exercise.     OMGVIS0145-7

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