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7 Foods that can overcome the panic attacks

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Panic attacks are very common in today’s era wherein life has become full of tensions, problems etc. Well, you need not to worry as here are some of the foods you can have to overcome the panic attacks:

1.    Water: Water is essential for our survival. It has a lot of benefits. Water is helpful in overcoming anxiety, panic attacks.  This is because lower level of fluid in the body can also result into panic attacks.OMGKAV2502-1
2.    Whole Grain- Did you know that magnesium deficiency leads to anxiety but don’t worry you can beat this by including whole grain in your diet. Whole grain is rich in magnesium.OMGKAV2502-23.    Yogurt: Yogurt has potassium in it which alters your mood and behavior. In summers you can prepare ‘lassi’ with this and can have it. Lassi is very good to deal with the panic attacks. OMGKAV2502-34.    Green Tea- Besides being so good for your health, green tea is also beneficial to cope up with panic attacks. Its anti-inflammatory effects are enough to relax you.OMGKAV2502-45.    Eggs- Eggs are very healthy, are full of proteins and can help you fight anxiety, stress and panic attacks.  OMGKAV2502-56.    Chocolate- Here is another reason to fall more in love with chocolates. They are very mood boosters. Chocolates reduce cortisol which is the stress harmone and thus drops you in a happy mood. OMGKAV2502-67.    Fish- Fish has a lot of health benefits. Fish is high in Omega 3 fatty acids which fights with anxiety, stress and thus boosts the mood.


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