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7 Most colorful destinations in Europe

7 Most colorful destinations in Europe
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Europe is a beautiful place. A lot of people dream about visiting this place and is often listed on their top 10 list. You can’t get bored here. There are a lot of colorful places in Europe. Here are some of the most colorful destinations:
1.    Burano Island, Italy- This is a wonderful place, which is very famous for vivid colors painted on the houses and its handmade laces. Flowered balconies and courtyards are very common.  Different houses are painted in different colors in order to distinguish them from each other.colorful Burano
2.    Cinque Terre, Italy- Cinque Terre means ‘The Five Lands’ and is composed of five beautiful villages. This place has a lot of mesmerizing sights.OMGKAV2504-23.    Costa Nova, Portugal- This is a beautiful beach and has stunning striped houses. These houses were originally built to store fishermen gears but then with time were turned into gorgeous residences.  ????????????????????????????????????4.    Wroclaw, Poland- You can find all the things that make Poland a great place, here in Wroclaw Poland. This old town has Europe’s largest and most breathtaking market squares. OMGKAV2504-45.    Reykjavik, Iceland- This place is full of photogenic views, all you need to do is get to a high spot and capture the vast view. You can get a glimpse of huge number of colored homes from there and feel like as if they are blooming colorful flowers. OMGKAV2504-56.    Notting Hill, England- This is a place dedicated to literature loves and has bookshops in abundance.  Besides this you will get an amazing feeling walking down on the streets in between cute, colorful houses. Colourful terraced houses, Portobello Road, Notting Hill, London, England, United Kingdom, Europe7.    Colmar, France- This is a magical little town which looks as if has popped out of a story book. This place has sweet cobblestone streets which have colorful houses lined up on the side. Everything at this place will make you feel as if it is a fantasy.OMGKAV2504-7

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