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7 Things Girls Hate To Hear

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It is next to impossible to understand a lady. If she is smiling, it doesn’t mean she is happy. Sometimes freedom of speech annoys them. Here are some of the things that most of the girls hate to hear.

1. You Are Not Trying Hard: Don’t even try to use this phrase; for girls, the phrase means you are judging their efforts and they hate it. Instead of using this phrase, you must use some motivating words.OMGVIS0144-1
2. You Are Gaining Weight: One of the most delicate topics to discuss with a lady is about her weight. If she is really gaining weight, she knows about it; she doesn’t need your point of view.OMGVIS0144-2
3. You Are Not Beautiful: You cannot and should not say a woman that she is not looking beautiful. Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.OMGVIS0144-3
4. Why Do You Keep Asking Same Questions: Women have the right to ask the same query again and again and you cannot complaint.OMGVIS0144-4
5. Your Friend Looks Beautiful: You cannot praise another girl’s beauty in front of your girl. How a girl can hear another girl’s praise from her man!OMGVIS0144-5
6. You Are Too Picky: Yes, they are! But don’t say she is too picky. For girls, the phrase ‘you are too picky’ means they take a long time while choosing something from a list.OMGVIS0144-6
7. Calm Down: According to most of the girls, they don’t need to calm down, because they are cool by birth. If you are asking a girl to calm down, you are actually saying that she is panicking.OMGVIS0144-7

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