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Easy Tips to remember people’s names

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Many people forget names. They are like you are umm, I know you, your name has just slipped from my mind, etc. Here are the tips to avoid such situations: OMGKAV2007-11.    Make some kind of associations between their name and something that is familiar to you. By doing this, the next time you will meet them you will be able to recollect name easily without any umm’s and aah’s.
2.    Another effective way to remember someone’s name is to repeat it in your mind a number of times, while you are talking to them.
3.    You must understand the significance of using other person’s name. When you are in a conversation with somebody, try to call them by their name this will help you remember his name.
4.    Give proper attention to what the other person is saying at the time of introduction. Generally, we forget the name of other person because we don’t listen to him/her properly when he/she introduces himself/herself to us.
5.    When you come to know about somebody’s name, try to see the spelling of the name visually. By doing this next time, you will be able to remember the name just because you did such an activity. You will immediately relate the face of the person to the alphabets of his/her name.
6.    One of the easiest and the most common ways to remember something is to write it down. This way there are more chances that you will not forget that thing.

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