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Life hacks every college student should know

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Here are some amazing life hacks that every college student must know:
1.    If next time your laptop gets hot base, just place an egg carton under it. By doing this, you can easily let the air release, and the laptop will cool down.  OMGKAV2008-12.    Do you start feeling hungry late night and don’t have any option in college hostel? You can use your iron to cook light food like noodles. All you need to do is place the pan on the hot base of iron.OMGKAV2008-23.    Face difficulty in cleaning the keyboard? Don’t worry just use a sticky paper and put it in between buttons, it will stick all the dust to it, leaving your keyboard clean.OMGKAV2008-34.    Do you love loud music? Who doesn’t in college life? Don’t spend bucks on expensive speakers instead just place you phone in a cup, it will make the noise much louder.OMGKAV2008-45.    Do you face problem in remembering your time tables, or college schedules? Don’t worry we have an amazing hack for that. Just make you schedule your lock screen.OMGKAV2008-56.    If you don’t have an AC or a cooler in your hostel room, don’t be sad. Think out of the box. All you need to do is place the standing fan on your room window; it will bring in fresh air from outside and help in proper circulation.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA7.    Next time you order pizza, don’t throw its box away. You can utilize that box as a dirt catcher; all you need to do is sweep the stuff over it.


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