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5 Famous logos that have a hidden message

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Most brands, companies have their logos but not every logo has a message in it. Here are some famous logs that have a hidden message:
1.    FedEx- The logo of this shipping company is one of world’s most famous hidden image message logos. In the logo, the space between the E and X, the negative space forms an arrow. This arrow could mean forward direction, precision and pace.OMGKAV2508-12.    Toyota- The logo of this famous brand has a hidden message in its ellipses. There are three ellipses in its logo and each one of these ellipses represents a heart. One is the heart of product, the heart of customer and the heart of the progress in the field of technology.OMGKAV2508-23.    Baskin Robbins- Most of you must be friendly with this famous ice-cream brand but do you know the message hidden in it. If you see properly, you would notice that the pink part of the multi-colored logo makes the number 31, which is the number of flavors they offer.OMGKAV2508-34.    Amazon- If you notice the logo of this famous online shopping site you will notice that the orange arrow points from ‘A’ of Amazon to ‘z’ of it, showing that all the items from A to Z are available on Amazon.Generated by  IJG JPEG Library5.    Mercedes-Benz- The logo of this famous brand has a meaningful message hidden in it. There is a tri-star in its logo and it represents the dominance of the company in the terms of style and quality over everything, land, sea and air.  OMGKAV2508-5

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