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6 irritating professor traits

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During college days, most of the students have issues, problems with their professors. But then there are some professors whose actions are annoying enough to make others act stupid, rude, and in an undisciplined way. Here are some of these irritating professor traits:
1.    Some professors are so adamant that in their class there is no entry for late comers no matter even if they have got late by just a minute. OMGKAV2703-12.    There are many professors who have a habit of converting a smooth lecture into a rapid fire round. They keep on asking questions continuously during lectures, which gets very annoying at times.OMGKAV2703-23.    There is always one flirty professor who pays more attention on flirting with female students than on their lecture. Obviously such an act is very irritating. OMGKAV2703-34.    You must have got a chalk on your face during a lecture. There are some professors who love to hit their students by chalks if they are not paying attention to what they are teaching in the class. But, then this is not the way, they can rather say it.Rear view of a professor giving a lecture to a large group of students at the amphitheatre.  [url=][img][/img][/url]5.    Then there are emotional professors who get personal on every other issue. They take every single word spoken by their students to their heart and take revenge at the time of checking exam sheets.OMGKAV2703-56.    Those fussy ones who believe in giving a lot of assignments and also expect you to finish the work in no time within very tight deadlines.Bell5265.jpg


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