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6 situations in which adults behave like kids

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Adults look mature and act as grown up but then there are many situations where adults behave like kids. Here are some such situations:
1.    A pet can make any individual, no matter of what age, act like a small child. They call their pooches with baby names, treat them like babies and act like one of them.OMGKAV2702-12.    One of the toughest jobs to do is to make a toddler stop crying. For that, parents often indulge in childish acts and behave like kids.OMGKAV2702-23.    Nobody likes to wake up and moves out of his quilt on a cold winter morning. At that time, even adults act like little kids and make faces, give excuses to self in order to get some more time to sleep. OMGKAV2702-34.    Sickness sees no age. When you are sick or ill you start acting like a needy dependent kid, baby no matter how old are you. Concerned woman taking her sick husband's temperature5.    Some couples believe in getting into cute baby talks. They call each other by baby names, nonu, baabu, kind of stuff and even act like a small kid to bring smile on the face of the other person. Side view of cheerful father carrying his cute baby boy6.    A weird scary lizard or cockroach can make even an adult act like a small child. If you are afraid of lizards, cockroaches etc. the minute you see them you start shouting, crying, running.


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