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6 Things that seem to be very simple but are actually pretty hard

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There are a lot of things around us, which seem to be very easy but when it comes to doing these, they are very difficult.  Here are some of the things like that:
1.    Making a schedule and following it seems very easy but when it comes to following it and leading your day according to the schedule, it is pretty hard.OMGKAV2701-12.    Don’t neglect the efforts done by early risers. Waking up early in the morning might seem an easy thing to do, but it is not.OMGKAV2701-23.    When your mom tells you to bring some stuff, (raashan) from the grocery story do bring the list of things along. Remembering every single item of the list that your mum has told you to bring from the shop is not at all an easy job.OMGKAV2701-34.    When you like somebody, you are like I will just go to her and tell her all my feelings. Hold on dude, it is not that easy. Asking your crush out seems to be so easy but in reality it is not. The minute you reach near her, nervousness holds you back. OMGKAV2701-45.    Getting into a relationship is easy but giving full justice to it is not at all easy. It takes a lot of efforts, your attention to hide your relationship from your family or parents.OMGKAV2701-56.    When somebody says ‘I don’t care’ it sounds so cool but you know what, avoiding what others think about you is very difficult. You have to let go, which demands efforts.     OMGKAV2701-6

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