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7 Signs Which Prove Mirror is Your Best Friend

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Some people can’t even imagine their life without a mirror. The shiny object is their best friend. Whenever they feel depressed, they see the mirror to boost their confidence. Here are some signs which prove that you are simply obsessed with mirror.

1. Mirror is very special thing for you. You love to see it when you are getting ready for a party, bathing or even eating.OMGVIS0153-1
2. Before leaving your place, you love to check yourself more than five times in the mirror.
3. You always have a mirror in your bag and whenever you get time, you check yourself in that mirror.OMGVIS0153-3
4. When you are in a car, you keep on checking yourself in your car’s mirror.OMGVIS0153-4
5. Mirror never lies! It motivates you when you are looking good and criticizes when you are looking bad.OMGVIS0153-5
6. You love to spend some time in glass buildings because you get a chance to check your reflection in those big mirrors.
7. Time inside an elevator is never boring for you because when you are there, you get some time to check yourself.OMGVIS0153-7
8. You love to take selfies in the mirror.       OMGVIS0153-8

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