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7 types of neighbors every Indian can relate to

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Who doesn’t have neighbors? I am sure most of you must be having them. Here are seven types of neighbors every Indian can relate to very well:
1.    ‘Beta ek koli cheeni milegi’ Neighbor: Such a kind of neighbor is in a habit to ask for things every day. They don’t feel ashamed of asking for it again and again. I am sure they must have allotted different stuff to ask for from different apartments. OMGKAV2509-12.    ‘Doggy vala’ Neighbor: Most of you must be having a pet dog in your neighborhood. The noise of a barking dog keeps on coming from their house and the way they treat their pooches gives your children a complex.OMGKAV2509-23.    Over-Friendly Neighbor: Such a neighbor has no work to do the whole day and always look for a chance to talk to you. They want to know each and everything going on in your home. OMGKAV2509-34.    Helping neighbor: Such neighbors are intellectual ones and know what we call ‘space’ in our lives. They never ditch you in your tough times by standing tall with you.OMGKAV2509-45.    The fighter couple Neighbor: If you have a fighter couple living in your neighborhood then, get ready to hear those loud abusive words, fights, arguments etc.OMGKAV2509-56.    ‘Beta kitne marks aaya’ neighbor: Such neighbors are very irritating who keep on asking you that ‘Beta kitne marks aaye?’ They irritate you by asking you a lot of questions and never leave a chance to get you scolded by your parents.OMGKAV2509-67.    The Matchmaker Neighbor: Every colony has at least one such kind of neighbor who keeps on looking for bachelors so that they can get them married. They always have somebody in their circle looking for a partner for marriage.      OMGKAV2509-7

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