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7 Typical Desi Phrases Indians use in their daily life

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Indians have their own way of speaking, which is unique. They have a habit of inventing their own words and use them during communication. Here are some of the typical desi phrases that Indians use in their daily life:
1.    Jugaad laga- Indians use this phrase when they have to ask somebody to find a way, or a solution to a problem. They simply say that ‘Jugaad laga’ yaar. By this phrase they also mean to ask for a ‘a low cost fix’.OMGKAV2505-12.    Item hai yaar- Some Indians use this phrase when they find some girl beautiful. Instead of saying that she is pretty, they just say ‘item hnyaar’.OMGKAV2505-23.    Bole toh jhakaas- This phrase is used by some Indians to appreciate something. If they like something, somebody, a plan, etc. they just say that this is ‘Bole toh jhakaas’. OMGKAV2505-34.    Ghanta yaar- This phrase is used to express anger, irritation or disappointment. Some Indians, when are fed up, frustrated, they use this word to express themselves. OMGKAV2505-45.    Kaan ke niche bajau kya- This phrase is used while scolding somebody and to warn. When somebody is not agreeing with a person, that person says, ‘kaan ke niche bajau kya’. OMGKAV2505-56.    Mast- This phrase is used to describe something as cool. Indians use this word to appreciate something, or someone. They just say, ‘Mast lag raha hai yaar’. OMGKAV2505-67.    Kalti ho ja- This phrase is generally used by the don kind of people who love to rule, dominate others. If somebody don’t accept their order or ditch them, they just say, ‘Kalti ho ja’ if you want to stay alive and safe.       OMGKAV2505-7

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