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8 feelings you go through when your family is on Facebook

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Generally people don’t add family members in their social website profile but at times they don’t have choice then to add them. In that case they have to deal with so much stuff. Here are some of the feelings you go through when your family is on Facebook:
1.    First and the most deadly feeling is the fear of getting spy. You know that your every activity in Facebook can be easily seen by them.OMGKAV2506-12.    You need to think twice before liking or comment on a sexy girl or a hot guy’s photograph, when you know that you partner or family members can see that.OMGKAV2506-23.    If you have gone on a party and have lied at home, you can’t put a check-in of that place with your buddies.
4.    You can’t put pictures in western dresses, or in anything which might look exposing to your family.
5.    The moment when your friends tag you in an unwanted photograph. You are like, OMG, remove my tag now. OMGKAV2506-36.    Family never misses a chance to comment on your Facebook update. Sometimes there comments look like serious facts.
7.    You always find yourself tagged in every photo of them. And, alas, you can’t tell them to stop tagging you, after are you are a family.
8.    And then comes a time when your patience gives up and you decide to block them all, no matter what consequences you have to face.   OMGKAV2506-4

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