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Lesser known facts about Delhi Metro

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All of you must be aware of Delhi Metro but I am sure not many of you know so much about it. Here are some lesser known facts about Delhi Metro that you probably don’t know:
1.    Have you ever noticed any dustbins on the Delhi Metro Stations? I am sure you haven’t as there are no dustbins on these stations apart from the restaurants or eating joints present there. Even then these platforms are so clean.OMGKAV2704-12.    There are no odd numbers of coaches in the Delhi Metro. They have either 6 or 8 coaches. This is because this metro has coaches of two types, namely motor car and driver car. And both of them serve as a single unit and can’t be separated. OMGKAV2704-23.    This is something amazing. Did you know that Delhi Metro takes care of you even after you have left the train? Yes, some metros provide you with bicycles on rent for travel that too just for Rs.10 for four hours. All you need is your ID proof.OMGKAV2704-34.    Delhi Metro provides assistance to the visually challenged people. There are yellow stripes on the floors of metro, which indicate the pathways for the visually challenged ones and lead them to lifts and exits.OMGKAV2704-45.    Besides, Delhi Metro stations have ramps built specially for the ones who are bound to wheelchairs so that they can easily move around.     OMGKAV2704-5

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