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Things you should never say to a single parent

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The life of a single parent is not at all easy in today’s world. They have to go through so much in life and have to deal with family and stuff like children responsibilities, work, finance, banking, shopping, cooking, driving, what not, everything. Here are some of the things that you should never say to a single parent:
1.    Don’t tell a single parent that, “You are not bringing the kids with you, right?” Well, this could hurt them. By saying this you want them to show how much you hate their kids, huh?OMGKAV2507-12.    Just don’t say a single parent that, “You must be getting time for yourself.” Because this is not at all true. Before saying this, didn’t you think how she can get time for herself when she has to take care of both home and office alone?OMGKAV2507-23.    “Do you miss your partner? You must be so lonely?” This is something that can ruin your relation with the one you say this to. By saying this are you trying to make them feel a kind of helpless feeling?OMGKAV2507-34.    “You should start dating, but then it is hard to find someone who will date a mom/dad.” Such a thing can break that single parent. So, avoid saying this. OMGKAV2507-45.    Never say a single mom that “I can relate to your situation, my husband travels for work all the time”. Because, the two situations are not at all similar. So, think before making a statement like this in front of a single parent.OMGKAV2507-56.    “Your kids have to grow up without a super daddy.” By saying this you want to tell that single mom, that your children have a dad, is that so? Huh? Instead of this, can’t you applaud her for being the mom and dad to her kids at the same time and encourage her.   Mother having discussion with son7.    “How do you afford it, deal with it?” Well this is a stupid thing to say to a single parent, when you can clearly see how tirelessly he/she has been working the whole day long to survive.     OMGKAV2507-7

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