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5 Things That Keep You Awake At Night

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It is important to have a good night’s sleep, but there are a number of individuals around the world who face problems when they try to sleep. Only a few people get the recommended sleep. Here are some of the things that keep you awake at night.

1. Coffee: A number of people around the globe have a habit of having a cup of coffee before going to bed. After that cup, they found it difficult to sleep. Caffeine keeps you awake and that is the reason why people consume coffee during exam time.OMGVIS0156-1
2. Music: In today’s technology-friendly era, it is difficult to stay without gadgets. Many people prefer to listen to music before going to sleep. While listening to a playlists of your favorite songs, you don’t realize that it is already midnight and you are still awake.OMGVIS0156-2
3. Insomnia: The sleep disorder is very common these days. People with the disorder try hard to sleep, but the train of thoughts running in their mind doesn’t let them sleep peacefully.
4. Work-shifts: If you work in night-shifts and suddenly you shift changes, it will be difficult for you to sleep. Your body has developed a routine to sleep in the morning.OMGVIS0156-4
5. Technology: A recent study has found that people who keep their gadget near them while sleeping get lesser sleep than people who don’t keep their smartphones near them.  OMGVIS0156-5

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