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6 of The Weirdest Things Parents Say To Their Children

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We all respect and love our parents, but sometimes they say some things that make no sense. Here are some of them:

1. A number of times, you may have heard your parents saying ‘shut up and tell me’. You have no idea whether you have to shut up or should utter some words.OMGVIS0154-1
2. ‘Why are you at home all the time? Don’t you have any friend to hangout?’ When you decide to spend some hours with your friends, parents are like ‘You have too many friends. Why don’t you stay at home?’OMGVIS0154-2
3. When you break something, your sarcastic parents say ‘Wow! You broke a glass! Why don’t you break all the utensils of the house?’OMGVIS0154-3
4. Don’t discuss a serious matter with your parents; they will be like ‘you talk too much. Why don’t you concentrate on your study?’ And when you don’t talk, they say, ‘you never speak.’
5. ‘You don’t know how hard life is. When we were your age, we didn’t have enough facilities’.OMGVIS0154-5
6. ‘You don’t know how to respect your parents; when you will become a parent, you realize how it feels to be a parent.’     OMGVIS0154-6

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