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6 Senseless Indian laws that should be repealed to prevent misuse

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Laws are made for the betterment of the common man but there are so many senseless laws prevailing in India which need amendments. These laws are often misused, which is not acceptable. Here are some of these laws:
1.    The Land Acquisition Act, 1894- Under this act, the government can take hold of and deprive the landlords from a major part of their land for the construction of buildings for public use. But time to time this law has been misused by the government for acquiring land for private projects. OMGKAV2705-12.    Section 497 of Indian Penal Code- This section of IPC punishes a man for adultery which is fine but the biased thing is women are pardoned.OMGKAV2705-23.    Section 14 of the Hindu Marriage Act- Under this section you can’t get a divorce within one year of your marriage. You will not be granted divorce and have to stay married, irrespective of the problems the couple is going through.OMGKAV2705-34.    Juvenile Justice Act- Under this act in case any minor commits a crime he/she will be sentenced to spend some time in the special homes and that too not more than 3 years. But, in reality, after the December 16, 2012 Delhi gang rape case the government should realize the need of making some amendments in it. OMGKAV2705-45.    Section 377 of Indian Penal Code- This section gives a person the position of a criminal if he is a gay.OMGKAV2705-56.    Dramatic Performance Act- This 1876 Act can bring the right to free speech to an end, which is not good. This act was made by the British to limit the patriotic sentiments. But, this is something which can be misused against the freedom of expression.     OMGKAV2705-6

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