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7 Beauty questions every woman has answered

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Girls are often asked about stuff related to make-up, cleansing, toning, glow etc. Most of the girls out there must have answered a lot of beauty questions. Here are some of the commonly asked beauty questions:
1.    ‘How do you keep you face look fresh, glowing?’ is a kind of question often asked from a girl. Girls are in a habit of keeping their face tip-top.OMGKAV3002-12.    Waxing looks like a big headache but then girls believe in looking ready, updated and trendy. Girls are often asked about how they keep their skin smooth, hair-free every time. OMGKAV3002-23.    If you have a sexy jaw line you have to answer a lot of questions. People often ask you about your diet place and about how you manage to keep your chin mass toned. People might have asked you about the type of contouring you do. OMGKAV3002-34.    Girls love properly maintained feet and hands and appreciate the nicely done nails. If you have nicely kept nails with cute nail paint on it, you must have answered questions relating to the scrub you use for pedicure and manicure.OMGKAV3002-45.    If you have think long hair, you must have been asked about the conditioner, shampoo and oil you use on your hair. In fact, people must have asked you about the kind of comb or brush you use.OMGKAV3002-56.    Girls love chic looks with highlighted smoky eye makeup and if you carry such an outlook, you must have been asked for guidance by a lot of girls out there.OMGKAV3002-67.    Applying a lipstick is also an art, trust me. Girls love to keep their lips look bubbly, moist and bright. Girls are often asked about the magical technique they follow to make their lips look so gorgeous.       OMGKAV3002-7

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