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7 Customs of visiting a home in India

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India is a beautiful country with a number of different cultures, traditions and customs. In India, different people follow a different customs and ever home has its own way of living. Here are some customs of visiting a home in India:
1.    In India when you visit somebody’s place you are expected to take a token of love with you for the host. It can be fruits, sweets or anything. This custom is not mandatory but yes is highly appreciated.[ File # csp4559883, License # 2138277 ] Licensed through in accordance with the End User License Agreement ( (c) Can Stock Photo Inc. / trancedrumer2.    When you visit at somebody’s place you and the people of that place have to greet each other with a Namaste, which is done in different ways by different people. OMGKAV3004-23.    Ethnic attires and fully covers dress are welcomed. If you would wear a short dress, exposing your skin it would make the members of the home you are visiting uncomfortable.OMGKAV3004-34.    Even today in many parts of the country, you are told to enter in the house barefooted.  This is because in Indian customs footwear and feet are considered dirty, unclean.OMGKAV3004-45.    In India, if you will visit a home you will be offered water to drink first. This Indian custom has taken birth from the villages, wherein people have to walk long distances to reach another home and require water to drink upon reaching.OMGKAV3004-56.    India is a conservative nation and hugs, kisses are not at all appreciated here. At most you can shake hands that too with guys only not women. OMGKAV3004-67.    In Indian homes, there is a custom that you have to wash hands before and after having the meal. This custom has taken birth from the very popular habit of ancient people. They used to eat food with hands.     OMGKAV3004-7

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