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7 things children of divorced parents should realize

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There are many children out there who have seen their parents getting separated in front of them. They go through a lot of mental and emotional stress. But there are some things that they should realize. Here are some of them:
1.    Instead of blaming their single parent for the divorce, they should try to understand the reason behind the divorce.Difficult choice2.    They should understand that if leading life with a single parent is difficult for them then how much difficult it would be for their single parent to take care of them and work at the same time.OMGKAV2708-23.    Children of divorced parents must understand that commitment, relationships, love are not bad things; it is just that at times circumstances are not right. They should not build walls around them.OMGKAV2708-34.    They should take a lesson from their parents divorce that communication is an important part of life. They can’t expect anybody to know them completely without speaking a single word.OMGKAV2708-45.    They should realize that ending up things, relations is not a solution in every case, and one should try to solve things before taking an extreme step.OMGKAV2708-56.    They should understand that just because they have a single parent, it doesn’t me they are less than other children who have parents. They should never underestimate themselves or their family.OMGKAV2708-67.    They should not stop respecting elders just because they have seen their parents fighting, arguing, abusing and getting separated. They should realize that all the people are not the same and that compromise is something everybody has to do at some point of time in life.     OMGKAV2708-7

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