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7 Things You Hear When You Get Your First Job

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First job is always special. When you get a job after studying for many years, you are on the seventh sky. You feel like you are an independent individual now, but that’s not true. Here are some of the things we all hear when we get our first job.

1. You share the news with your friends and they are like ‘Party! Party!’ Before earning a penny, you have to throw a party.OMGVIS0155-1
2. For parents, it doesn’t matter you are going to be an independent individual now. They think the very first thing they have to do now is to find a suitable match for you. A dialogue is very famous among parents, ‘it’s the right time to tie a knot’.OMGVIS0155-2
3. Some parents say, ‘You are going to be paid. Now, it’s your turn to contribute’.OMGVIS0155-3
4. Some people suddenly become your well wishers. They say, ‘you should start saving for your future’.OMGVIS0155-4
5. There will be some individuals who will tell you how to behave in office environment. ‘You have to shower every day, boss is always right and blah, blah…,’ they say.
6. Friends are with unique ideas. ‘No need to save money. Enjoy your life and keep spending’.OMGVIS0155-6
7. You can’t be rude with anyone in your house. If you do so, they will be like, ‘you are earning now, but it doesn’t mean you will show me attitude’.      OMGVIS0155-7

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