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Difference between school life and college life

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Both these phases of life are the initial steps of the life-long staircase. Both school life and college life are the best parts of a person’s life. Here are some of the differences between these two phases of life:
1.    School Life: You are taught the basic etiquettes of life like how to sit, stand, talk, write etc.  OMGKAV2709-1College Life: This is the time to test the etiquettes you were taught during school time.

2.    School Life: Life was tension-free all you need to worry about was your homework and exams.84753322College Life: Future tension steps in your life. You start thinking, worrying about what you will do when the college life gets over.

3.    School Life: You can’t afford to bunk the class as you are very young and teachers always have an eye on you.OMGKAV2709-3College Life: You start bunking classes often, and use the proxy method when it comes to class attendance.

4.    School Life: Long assemblies are so boring. You have to stand for long, listen to thought of the day, teachers and principal lectures etc.OMGKAV2709-4College Life: There is nothing like assemblies. You just need to enter the college, attend your college, lectures and go back home.

5.    School Life: You have to do everything as per your teachers and have to wear school uniform on all the 6 working days of the week.OMGKAV2709-5College Life: Most of the colleges don’t have a dress code and you can wear anything you feel like. And if some colleges have dress code, it is not applicable on all the days.

6.    School Life: You can’t take your own decisions and once you enter the school, you have to attend all the classes.OMGKAV2709-6College Life: You can take your own decision and if not feeling like attending a boring lecture, you can go home early.

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