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Reasons why parents think ‘Sharmajika beta’ is better than you

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You must have heard at some point of your life that ‘Sharmajika beta’ is better than you or stuff like this coming out of your parents mouth. This is very suffocating and discourages a child completely. Here are the reasons why parents think this way:
1.    Parents in India love ‘Padhaku Bache’ but then, if you are not one of them then you have to hear stuff like learn something from ‘Kumarji ka beta’ etc. Just because Kumarji’s son is nerdy they consider him better.????????????????????????????????????2.    ‘Sharmajika beta’ is never seen in the playground with other children of the colony. This puts a good impression of him on your parents and the bombardment of taunts starts coming your side from your parents.OMGKAV2706-23.    ‘Sharmajika beta’ reads newspaper to stay updated with the happenings of the world. Besides being a good student, he is also an attentive citizen.OMGKAV2706-34.    Parents love it when their children follow a time-table. But the situation gets worse when you study but don’t have any such schedule and ‘Sharmajika beta’ follows a time-table.OMGKAV2706-45.    For parents it is very fascinating when children keep on asking for help, respect all. This is another reason why ‘Sharmajika beta’ is your problem. He never misses a chance to wish your parents and has a huge fan club of uncle and aunties.OMGKAV2706-56.    ‘Sharmajika beta’ never goes against his parents’ will, no matter if he is interested in it or not. He is good in sports but working hard to become engineer just because it is his father’s dream. Such a thing goes completely against you when you tell your dad that you want to be a cricketer.    OMGKAV2706-6

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