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Signs that you have overly strict parents

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Parents should be a little strict but then some parents are overly strict which creates suffocation aura for their children in the house. Here are the signs you can relate to if you have overly strict parents:
1.    You parents have the phone numbers of all of your friends’ parents and know their home address too. They don’t hesitate in calling them up to ask about your whereabouts.OMGKAV2707-12.    If by chance the phone rings up in front of them, then you are gone. They come up with a lot of question related to the one you were talking to and even keeps an eye on the call details.OMGKAV2707-23.    You are not allowed to keep a password on your laptop or mobile phone because your parents want you to keep everything accessible. OMGKAV2707-34.    There are a lot of things you are not allowed to do, while all your friends can do them without any ifs and buts.OMGKAV2707-45.    You can’t wear the clothes of your choice and made to wear what your parents want. If they want to you wear long pants and old time shirts then you have to do so. Other children often make fun of you for your dressing sense.OMGKAV2707-56.    They give you a target score that you have to achieve in your exams else you will have to go through house arrest without any touch with entertainment, fun and friends.OMGKAV2707-67.    Even if you have a single cool dude kind of friend who is so good at sports but not in academics then you are gone. Your parents don’t like it when you talk to such students who don’t have good grades and want you to keep some distance from them. They want you to befriend the toppers of the class.      OMGKAV2707-7

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