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5 Behaviors A Kid Learns From Parents

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After becoming a parent, you are being watched every day. It’s your child who keeps an eye on you and tries to listen to every word you say. Your every action and move influences your child. A kid learns cues about life from parents. Here are some of the behaviors your kid learns from you:

1. One-on-One Relation: This is the first thing a kid learns from a mother. A toddler of just one and half year learns from a mother how to respond. During that phase, the toddler learns how to respect the mother. That connection between mother and toddler remains for lifetime.OMGVIS0159-1
2. Aggression: If your child is aggressive, it means you have to work on your behavior; after all children learn aggression from parents. The way adult people act around children matters a lot. Make sure your child is living in a peaceful world.OMGVIS0159-2
3. Social Skills: Children learn words like ‘thank you’ and ‘please’ from their parents. In addition, they learn how to treat other people. For example, if you treat waiter in a restaurant with harsh words, your child will do the same.OMGVIS0159-3
4. Reactions to Problems: A child recognizes parents’ reactions to a problem and learns how to respond to it. If a parent faces the tough time with negativity, the child will do the same.

5. Management: It is important to manage things in life. You child sees you and learns how to manage time, money and relationship. Always try to be your child’s role model by acting responsibly.

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