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5 Types of Guys Every Girl Hates

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When it comes to impressing a woman, a man must have ample of qualities. Some men are born charmers who know how to woo a woman, while there are some who are usually avoided by women. Here are the types of guys every woman hates:

1. A Dominant Man: Gone are the days when men had the steering of women’s life. They used to dominate the society. Today, women also want equal rights. Women hate the men who try to show their dominance in front of women.OMGVIS0161-1
2. A Spineless Man: Who wants to spend time with a person who is not willing to take some risks? Nobody. Women love the men who have determination in their life. The men who know how to speak for themselves are always the charmers for women.OMGVIS0161-2
3. Macho Man: In a number of Bollywood flicks, you may have seen actresses falling in love with an angry young man. That was reel life; in real life, women don’t want to spend time with a man who is always angry.OMGVIS0161-3
4. Sympathy-Seeker Man: Self-confident and happy-go-lucky man is always the first choice of most of the women. They don’t like to hang around a man who always speaks about his problems.OMGVIS0161-4
5. Sex-Starved Man: Not all men think about sex always, but there are some guys who just want to sleep with a number of women. No girl wants to choose such mate for herself.     OMGVIS0161-5

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