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6 Mind-bending facts about Sea Stars

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Sea Stars are beautiful creatures. They can leave anybody spellbound by their charm. But, not many people know much about them. Here are some mind-bending facts about Sea Stars:
1.    Did you know that the starfish has no brains and no blood at all? They are not easy to understand. They have extraordinary well-developed skin.OMGKAV3001-1
2.    Many of you might believe that all the sea stars are star-shaped but this is not the case. Sea Stars are not always in the form of stars. Not all the starfishes look like stars. OMGKAV3001-23.    Sea stars have amazing hunting abilities. They can eject their stomachs. Yes you have read it right, its stomachs. Sea stars have two stomachs and are voracious predators.OMGKAV3001-34.    Above all, sea stars are beautiful but they have weirdest eyes. Many of you might think that sea stars have no eyes but let me tell you that they have eyes and they are present on the tips of their arms.OMGKAV3001-4 5.    There are some fish among the sea stars which have the same genes but they have a completely different appearance. These are the cushion stars and are generally found in Indo Pacific region. OMGKAV3001-56.    Did you know that the beautiful sea stars can switch their genders as per their will. Most of the sea stars take birth as male or female but unlike them, the cushion stars always give birth to a male.    OMGKAV3001-6

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