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7 Signs Which Prove That You Are Still A Kid At Heart

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We all had a time when we were carefree and were allowed to do whatever we wanted. That time was childhood. Today, when we are adults, we want to live our childhood again. There are some people who are adults, but they still don’t care about anything. Do you think you are among those people? Here are some signs which prove you are still a kid at heart:

1. You get excited when you are at an amusement park or watching an animated flick. You still love cartoons and nothing can replace your love for them.OMGVIS0158-1
2. Whether you meet your old friend after a long time or get an opportunity to eat your favorite food, you become excited about small things.OMGVIS0158-2
3. You don’t care about people around you. When you are at a beach, you still love to build sand castles.
4. You still love to surprise people. Sometimes, you plan a prank to surprise your friends.OMGVIS0158-4
5. You are the person who still sees humor in life. You crack jokes and try to make people laugh. Problems don’t make you feel sad.OMGVIS0158-5
6. You never hesitate when it comes to trying new things. You always try them to learn new things.

7. ‘Hating someone’ is not your thing. You don’t hold grudges with yourself and let go of bad feelings.



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