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7 Things To Do After Buying An Android Phone

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Opening the box of a brand new smartphone raises a number of questions like ‘what am I going to do with the new phone?’ Or ‘which application should be the best for me?’ Here are some of the things to do after buying a new android phone.

1. Charge the Battery: After un-boxing the mobile, the very first things you should do is ‘charge your phone’. You must be excited to use your new gadget, but don’t use it when it is charging.OMGVIS0162-1
2. Choose Automatic Updates: In today’s technology friendly world, it is very important to stay updated. Today, every application offers update and it is good to update your gadget with latest features of an app.OMGVIS0162-2
3. Secure Your Phone: You are going to install applications, songs and games on your phone, so it is important to keep it virus-free. You can install an anti-virus on your mobile. Make sure, anti-virus you are going to install is secure and beneficial.OMGVIS0162-3
4. Set up A Security Key: Today’s phone is like a wallet. Your phone may have your contacts, passwords, email id and bank account number; it is important to keep them as secrets. You can secure all of them by applying a security key. OMGVIS0162-4
5. Download Important Apps: You will have an option to install a number of applications from play store; choose them wisely. Make sure you are installing the apps that you are going to be used almost every day.

6. Auto Back-Up Photos: One purpose to buy an android to click high quality images and share them among friends. Your phone provides you an option to secure your pictures in your Google+ account.OMGVIS0162-6
7. Configure Bookmarks and Shortcuts: To save your precious time, set up bookmarks for websites that are necessary for you.



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