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7 types of couples you can relate to

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Every couple is different from the rest. No two couple can be the same. Different couples have a different way of living, leading life, different levels of understanding, trust etc. Here are seven types of couples you can relate to:
1.    Crazy in Love Couple- This couple is crazy and they believe in showing off everything they do. Their profiles on social sites are more like their personal diaries.  OMGKAV3008-12.    The-Still-Together-Couple- This couple is well known for controversies and indulges into a lot of fights. They fight but their love overcomes it. They know how to love, argue, fight and then love again. OMGKAV3008-23.    Long-Distance-Couple- Both the partners of this couple stay far from each other but they have never let the distance come in between their love. Distance often creates misunderstandings but they never let them win. OMGKAV3008-34.    Take-A-Chill-Pill-Couple- This couple is full on chilled out one. They don’t believe in taking things to heart or seriously. The love the way they are and spend all their time in enjoying. OMGKAV3008-45.    Mismatch-Couple- This couple doesn’t seem to be made for each other. They are very different from each other and fight a lot. Their relationship is surviving on a ventilator. OMGKAV3008-56.    We-are-not-dating-couple- This couple is not married, a dating couple but they never open up about it. They act as strangers or as just friends. They haven’t announced their relationship yet. OMGKAV3008-67.    Best-Friends-Couple- Some couples are very lucky and best-friends-couple is one of them. They are great buddies tied into a know ones and know each other very well. They make a near perfect couple.       OMGKAV3008-7

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