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8 Heels problems every woman understands

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Undoubtedly heels look sexy but carrying them properly is not at all an easy job. Here are some heels problems you can understand if you wear heels:
1.    In the morning, heels looks fine and comfortable, but by the afternoon you feel like throwing them away in the dustbin. OMGKAV3009-12.    You need to maintain your body balance, especially when you are walking in heels. Heels completely changes your way of walking.OMGKAV3009-23.    You have to walk delicately in heels. You never know when you might fall or your heels break down. OMGKAV3009-34.    You can’t go on long romantic walks wearing heels. If you do so, in the mid ways your high heels will start hurting you.OMGKAV3009-45.    But, the horror of toe numbness is very high. When you wear heels you know that by the end of the days you will feel as if you don’t have toes. Pain From High Heels6.    Heels can make you look either gorgeous or silly. You need to practice the way to carry your pair of heels properly. You have to be careful about your posture when you are wearing heels. OMGKAV3009-67.    Every heels wearing woman out there can relate to the tight heels strap marks that their favorite heels leave on their feet. These marks are not only visible but also painful. OMGKAV3009-78.    You have to carry heels carefully, if you wore it in a wrong way, it might leave your feet swollen.  OMGKAV3009-8

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