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Everyday habits that could send you to hospital

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There are a lot of things we do unknowingly that have the potential to drop us into a hospital. You don’t realize it but just do it because you have been doing them since long. Here are some everyday habits that could send you to a hospital:
1.    Sunscreen is highly used especially during summers. They protect you from tanning but they can harm you too. Sunscreen blocks out the essential vitamin D, which is very important for keeping the bones healthy and for the immune system.Sun skin care woman enjoying desert sunshine2.    Flip Flops are very comfortable, especially during summers. They look sexy too. But, then they are not safe for you. You can slip easily if you are wearing loose flip flops. If you can’t resist wearing flip-flops then you must wear good quality branded footwear.  OMGKAV3007-23.    Tight jeans are very dangerous for you. You might look sexy in a pair of tight skinny jeans but then it can stop the flow of blood to your legs and can make you unconscious. OMGKAV3007-34.    Did you know that the air indoors is much more polluted than the air outside? The pollution which is present inside your home comes from volatile organic compounds like paints etc.OMGKAV3007-45.    You must have seen man stuffing their wallets with all the things they have. They put their cash cards etc. in and keep the over-filled wallet in their back pockets. But, they don’t realize that sitting on such wallet can twist their spine and pinch sciatic nerves in their butt.   OMGKAV3007-5

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