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Fantastic facts about the Statue of Liberty

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All of you must have heard about the world famous Statue of Liberty, but here are some of the most fantastic facts about it which you probably don’t know:
1.    Did you know that the name of the statue which we call Statue of Liberty is Liberty Enlightening the World.OMGKAV3002-12.    Designed by Frenchman Auguste Bartholdi, when this statue was built by Auguste and his crew it was disassembled, crated up and was shipped to the United States for re-assembly. The statue was assembled two times.OMGKAV3002-23.    It was not America that built it rather it was a gift from France in 1886. It even spent some time in Paris at the World’s Fair before it was gifted to America.OMGKAV3002-34.    Did you know that each of the spikes on its hat is symbolic? The seven spikes represent world’s seven oceans and the seven continents. These are the representative of universal concept of liberty.OMGKAV3002-45.    The statue is green in color because of the oxidation of the copper. It was not painted green and the metal has got corroded and damaged.Statue of Liberty 26.    The statue has many replicas around the world. Among all the most exciting ones could be the one present on the dome of a building Lviv Ukraine because this statue is sitting and not standing like other replicas of Statue of Liberty.   OMGKAV3002-6

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