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Psychological facts you must know about yourself

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There are many important things, facts that we generally don’t ponder about or notice. To lead a life in a smooth way we must be aware of everything related to us, our psychology. To help you out, here are some psychological facts that you must know about yourself:OMGKAV3005-11.    Did you know that you can’t multitask? Yes, this is true. You might say that you are doing so but it just can’t happen. You can do one work after another in a fast speed but then you can’t focus on two things at the same time, no matter how much you try.
2.    Did you know that when you spend money on others you feel more happiness than when you spend it on yourself?
3.    As per some studies, you lose your motivation, dedication towards you goal, if you announce your goals loudly to people around you.
4.    You might prefer to read short lines, but did you know that you have the ability to read longer lines faster.
5.    Did you know that the intensity of pain you feel on losing something is much more than the happiness of achieving that thing?
6.    As per some studies, music has an impact on the way you see the world.
7.    This is the fact that when you are under so much stress, you perform the worst. This is why it is generally said that you must relax before an important thing, for say before you exam.

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