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6 Disturbing facts about Drowning

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Some people have a phobia of water just because they think that the moment they will go into water, they will get drowned in it. Here are six disturbing facts about drowning:
1.    Did you know that the fresh water and the salt water drown you differently? You will be shocked to know that 90% of the drowning cases occur in the freshwater. Drowning in salt water generally takes longer time.OMGKAV2902-12.    It is not mandatory that a person can drown in huge water bodies only as drowning is all about your face submerged in the water. It can happen anywhere if your face is under water.OMGKAV2902-23.    There is something known as dry drowning in which you get no air supply, oxygen and suffer a cardiac arrest and die. OMGKAV2902-34.    When a person is drowning there are some signs that his body shows. His head is underneath water, while the mouth is pumping water upwards. Besides, his body will be sinking in and coming out the water level.OMGKAV2902-45.    In comparison to adults, kids have more chances of drowning. They can drown even in the presence of adults, so one should be attentive when is with kids. OMGKAV2902-56.    There is a lake named Tahoe between California and Nevada in Sierra Nevada wherein drowning victims are never found. This is a very popular destination but only a few people realize there is a graveyard underneath.     OMGKAV2902-6

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