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7 common excuses girls give to avoid marriage in early 20’s

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Girls love to live life, enjoy, explore and achieve their goals, but a lot of girls are pressurized to get married in their early 20’s only. Here are some common excuses girls give to avoid marriage in early 20’s:
1.    The most common excuse given by a girl is that she wants to do higher studies. Girls often say their parents that graduation has no value these days and want to pursue higher studies.Woman in her graduation2.    Girls often say that they want to do job first, get independent and then think of getting married. Girls should be independent in today’s era.OMGKAV2904-23.    Girls give an excuse that they want to live their hobbies, want to learn a lot in life and can’t just get married now to serve in-laws.Cafe4.    Some girls can’t express the reasons for not marrying yet and all that they do is reject the guys. They just don’t select a guy and keep on delaying it.OMGKAV2904-45.    That emotional attack by girls, when they say that they want to spend some time with their parents, sibling, and it is too early to leave the house forever.OMGKAV2904-56.    Girls often give an excuse that they don’t know how to cook and can’t survive after marriage without it. They demand time to learn the things a bride must know.OMGKAV2904-67.    Some girls say that they want to enjoy for some time with friends as they have recently completed their studies. They say that they don’t want to get married so early.   OMGKAV2904-7

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