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7 embarrassing moments that every couple endures

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Some couples are cool, some are serious, some are shy and some are confident but every couple experiences some embarrassing moments in their life. Here are some of the embarrassing moments that couples endure:
1.    The moment when you hung up the phone call of your partner and started talking about him with your buddies without realizing that the call was still on, never hung up. Shocking2.    The moment when you are trying to get intimate and suddenly you mother-in-law comes to call you and starts knocking the door. And you are like, rush, rush, rush, mom is there.OMGKAV2901-23.    The moment when you are about to kiss your partner and you suddenly burp and act as if it never happened. OMGKAV2901-34.    The moment when your partner in the flow of emotions calls you by your pet name in front of your friends and you are like, what?OMGKAV2901-45.    The moment when you have to impress your lover’s parents and all you end up doing is not uttering even a word from your mouth as you are so flabbergasted by their strange questions.OMGKAV2901-56.    The moment when both of you are trying to do sex for the first time but none of you actually knows how to do it. OMGKAV2901-67.    The moment you are flaunting something in front to your partner, for say, your driving skills and suddenly you realize it’s just not happening.     OMGKAV2901-7

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