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7 Questions to ask your partner before marriage

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Marriage is a very big, important thing that matters in life. Here are some questions that you must ask your partner before marriage:
1.    You must ask your spouse to be about how many children he/she wants to have and if he/she has any fertility issue? This is a must thing to ask because sooner or later you have to start a family.OMGKAV3008-12.    What is going to the main source of income? What are the financial plans and goals for the smooth functioning of the family.OMGKAV3008-23.    When does the guy’s family want the girl to conceive? When they want to have a baby in the house, after how much time of the marriage?OMGKAV3008-34.    What if you (the girl) want to work and earn money for betterment of the family, how would his family act? Will you be allowed to work? Man and Woman Using Laptop with Coffee5.    What if the girl wants to wear western wear at times for parties, will she be allowed for that or not?OMGKAV3008-56.    If male partner cheats in future then where is the security of the female partner? What is the assurance that such a thing will not happen? What will be the action taken against such men.OMGKAV3008-67.    A girl must ask your partner about the debts he has on him.

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