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7 types of people you are friends with on Facebook

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These days everybody has profile on Facebook. Different people post different kind of stuff on their profiles. Some post serious stuff, while some are always busy updating their pictures. Here are seven types of people you are friends with on Facebook:
1.    The Selfie-Addict: The profile of a selfie-addict is full of his photographs. You can see more than 4 selfie posts by this person in a day. They are always seen posing on facebook through their pictures.  OMGKAV2906-12.    Time-Table person: The profile of such a kind of person seems more like a daily diary. He is in a habit of posting ever minute detail of what he doing at present. His profile is full of check-ins. OMGKAV2906-23.    Fitness Fanatic- The profile of a fitness fanatic is full of updates related to exercises, diets and his pictures of a full-on toned body. OMGKAV2906-34.    The Dog or Cat lover- The profile of a dog or cat loves is full of posts related to pooches’ unconditional love or stuff like that. They don’t miss a chance to mention and express their love for animals. OMGKAV2906-45.    Promoter- The profile of a promoter is more like a notice board or a hoarding promoting one thing or another. His profile is full of posts related to some pages that he wants other to follow. OMGKAV2906-56.    Broken soul- The profile of a depressed soul is full of sad updates. They are the ones who were ditched by somebody or are hurt in life. They express all their emotions on their profile and often target the ditcher in his Facebook status.OMGKAV2906-67.    Disgusting Couple- The profile of one partner of the disgusting couple is full of stuff related to his lover, better-half. He keeps on posting pictures with partner, including those of honeymoon pictures and some of hot pictures that they should keep to themselves.       OMGKAV2906-7

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