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8 Things you learn in first year of marriage

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There are a lot of things which we get to learn once we get married. Here are some things you learn in the first year of marriage:
1.    In the first year of marriage both man and woman get to know that their way of communication varies largely. They understand the importance of thinking before speaking and start acting patiently. OMGKAV3005-12.    It is not always that the thing you think is obvious is obvious. Both the partners don’t know each other to an extent that they can start assuming things. Instead of assuming you learn to open up about it with your spouse.OMGKAV3005-23.    No matter how messed up things get between the couple they should never come to a final senseless decision in a rush. Trust God, things can’t always be smooth. You get to learn that change is the only constant thing.OMGKAV3005-34.    You get to learn the importance of proper communication. Trust me, this is must. Until and unless you won’t tell your spouse about what is bothering you, how can they understand it.OMGKAV3005-45.    You get to learn how to work as a team after marriage. Both the partners have to put in efforts for a healthy and happy living.OMGKAV3005-56.    You learn to accept your faults and shortcomings and try to improve it. You understand the real importance of adjustment and compromises in life.OMGKAV3005-67.    You realize that you are no your own priority. Priorities change and now you have your partner, his parents and your relationship in the priority list. It is no longer about you.OMGKAV3005-78.    You learn that you are not alone in life. You have a partner with whom you are going to take a rollercoaster ride of life.     Signature:df720ff541a170f3f5f728bac1c1bcb8ace4322b611f136f85211ffb5eb35126

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