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8 Ways to tell a relationship is getting serious

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Does she love you? Are you guys just passing time or into a serious thing? There are a lot of questions that come in your mind when you are in a relationship. When you begin a relationship, it takes time to fall completely, deeply in love with your partner. Here are the ways to tell a relationship is getting serious:OMGKAV3007-11.    When you are in a serious relationship, your looks, dress up hardly matters to your partner. You both accept each other the way you are.
2.    Both of you are known to each other’s friends and often hang out together with them.
3.    Both of you are opened-up about your relationship and have declared it out to your near and dear ones. You don’t resist posting a picture with your partner on you profile on a social website.
4.    You have started planning for future and working together to make your future safe and secure.
5.    You don’t keep secrets from each other and have shared passwords also.
6.    No matter how much fights or arguments you have, both of you know each other’s value and your love always win over these things.
7.    Both of you are opened-up to each other’s family and often spend time with them. You visit their home, go out for a movie with their siblings or go out for shopping with their mom.
8.    You know each other so well that you know your partner’s favorites, liking and disliking so well.

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