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Five Promises You Must Make and Keep In Your Life

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You are not always going to taste happiness in your life; sometimes life can be tough. To face those unpleasant times, it is important to keep yourself away from this world’s negativity. You have to promise yourself to look ahead and keep moving. Here are some of the promises you have to make to yourself when you are going through a rough patch in life.

1. I Will Not Think About Past: You cannot alter your past, so it is good to forget about it. If you have committed a mistake in the past, learn a lesson from it and move on. There is no need to stay in the past.
2. I will Listen to My Body and Mind While facing Troubles: You are your true helper. No one can understand you the way you can. In future, you will face more troubles; make promise that while facing troubles, you will listen to yourself.

3. I Will Try To Be Happy Always: It is nearly impossible to spend your entire life happily; promise yourself that you will constantly search for reasons to smile. Make sure you are smiling at least twice a day.

4. I Will Live The Life I Always Want to Live: Make sure you live in a way you don’t regret in future. Live the present moment and live for yourself.

5. I Will Accept Failure: You are not going to succeed every time. You must promise to yourself that when you fail, you will accept it and plan for success.

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